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Export oriented trade strategy

export oriented trade strategy

Trade, zones, in: The New Internationalist,. A granger causality test by Shan and Sun (1998) reached the same outcome with data from 1987 to 1996 and 6 variables : output, export, import, investment, labour and energy consumption. To add, they stated that in the presence of increasing returns to scale, an investment process may generate a sustained deduction for forex trading courses for beginners growth in per capita income without causing a decline in the marginal productivity of capital to the level of the discount rate. Department of Economics, Columbia University and Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex 1979. For industrial policy to be effective it has to be complemented by competition policy, as some regulations are required for the competition among domestic firms and simultaneously, as there is a need for policy to protect the domestic firms. Keynesian economists described exports as one of the main drivers of growth whereby an increase in exports will lead to economic growth. It is a necessary condition, because newly emerging firms in developing countries need some policy to help them grow strong and to safeguard them from intrusion of foreign firms in their market, that have a negative effect on their growth. The Johansen cointegration technique, however, indicated linkage between exports and growth in Indonesia and Singapore. Thus, devaluation, at a cost of higher inflation, enables domestic industries to be competent internationally, by keeping the volume of import down and by raising the volume of export (domestic output) higher. He also stressed that, developing countries have to ensure that food security is maintained in their countries, as it keeps them safe from their foreign account, balance of payment problems as well.

Foreign Trade Policy: Import-Substitution

The debate on whether export - oriented policies have the ability to spur economic growth has received much attention, although the evidence is mixed and inconclusive (Xu. Findings revealed that exports did contributed positively and significantly to economic growth. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Exporters have to compete on international markets against experienced competitors. Other economists at the instance of Darrat (1986, 1987) found that the hypothesis held in only one out of four economies. However, that is an impossible task since, as a matter of trivial logic, it is impossible for all the countries on the planet to become net exporters.

export oriented trade strategy

This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. In addition to Asian Tigers, evidences also tell how EOI strategy contributed for the economic development of US, Germany and others, who are now in developed world category. This protection enables the domestic firms to cover their higher production costs and to remain in business. Both Latin American and Asian countries used this strategy at first. Balassa (1978) 4 concluded in favour of the export expansion hypothesis by directly weighing export - oriented strategies against import-substitution policies: Jun (2007) conducted a panel-data analysis of the export -driven growth theory in 81 countries for the period. Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism, United States: Bloomsbury Press, isbn Prabirjit Sarkar (1986). Exports make inflow of foreign capital and technology possible through its receipts. The most famous theories are exports of surplus of Adam Smith, comparative advantage of David Ricardo, and trade is the engine of economic growth.H. Mookerjee (2006) and Martins and Yang (2009) and Tingwall and Kungwall (2010). Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! To begin with, exports expansion allowed for a more optimal distribution of resources and subsequently improved productivity. The latter found that there exists a threshold for the development level below and above which output growth responds differently to its factors including exports.

Consequently, the demand for exports grows, thus, increasing the local production. Reduced tariff barriers, a floating exchange rate (a devaluation of national currency is often employed to facilitate exports and government support for exporting sectors are all an example of policies adopted to promote EOI and, ultimately, economic development. This is a preview of subscription content, to check access. A modern industrial and non-capitalist segment,.e., a transitional agricultural- emphasised that the industrial part promoted economic growth export oriented trade strategy by absorbing surplus labour from the agricultural segment and making profits. A country must find a certain export that they can manufacture well, in competition with industrialized industries. 4 Significance edit Export -led growth is important for mainly two reasons: The first is that export -led growth improves the country's foreign-currency finances, as well as surpass their debts as long as the facilities and materials for the exports exist. A b Chang, Ha-Joon (2007). Lewis (1954) through his dual sector model- a capitalist segment,.e.

Import Substitution and Export Promotion Economics

Martins and Yang (2009) conducted a meta-analysis of more than 30 studies on the causal relationship between exports and firm productivity. This line of argument runs against heterodox (and particularly Post-Keynesian ) analysis. New York: Pearson Longman, 2008. Those provided the material basis for economic development. The basic policy component of industrial policy for developing countries is Infant industry protection.

export oriented trade strategy

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Similar conclusions were drawn by Awokuse (2003) in testing the hypothesis of a growth strategy led by exports in Canada. Mookerjee (2006) used a sample of 76 countries to meta analyse the export -growth relationship. This component stimulates export and allows the infant industry to have access to international market, while Infant industry protection policy allows the new domestic firm to grow strong. The same was investigated for Nigeria by Chimobi and Uche (2010). Infant industries in developing countries can mainly be protected through import tariff mechanism, which reduce imports from the rest of the world and raises demand and production of domestic product. This analysis cautions against any misplaced euphoria with regard to this strategy in a neo-mercantilistic and hegemonic world. This claim has been challenged by a minority of non-mainstream economists, who have instead emphasised the very specific historical, political, and legislative conditions in East Asia that were not present elsewhere, and which allowed for the success of EOI in these nations. This strategy seeks to find a niche in the world economy for a certain type of export. However, in order to use the infant industry protection policy as a tool for export oriented industrialization, government of developing countries need to have reliable information about what export oriented trade strategy industry to protect, how large the production tariffs need.

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More specifically, it requires well functioning and well integrated macroeconomic policies like: trade policy, industrial policy, exchange rate policy, investment policy, tariff policy and others. Trade in Some Developing Countries: A Comparative Study, London 1970. Google Scholar hwwa and Springer-Verlag 1980. As from the late 1940s, extant literature increasingly criticised the gains from international trade. Research indicates that pursuit of export expansion policies left an economy vulnerable to vagaries of foreign demand. Herzer (2010 similarly, challenged the common view that exports expansion lead to an increase in economic growth. "Prebisch-Singer Hypothesis - export oriented trade strategy Dictionary definition of Prebisch-Singer Hypothesis - m: free online dictionary". In turn, exports fostered investment in the region and eventually made the economies successful.

Economic growth was, thus, achieved. The hypothesis of whether exports and economic growth is linked and that the former caused the latter was rejected over the period. In small open countries, for example Singapore and Israel, development of manufacturing industries and exports accompanied and reinforced each other in achieving economic growth. Exports were found not only to stimulate economic growth but a VAR granger test indicated a two-way causal relationship between the variables. Articles Development, strategy 507 Downloads 2 Citations, abstract, disappointment about the results of import substituting industrialization strategies as well as the spectacular performance of a few newly industrialised countries have led many developing countries to switch in the 1970s to export oriented industrialization.

In all the cases he analyzed, free trade has a positive effect on developed countries while it lets the least developed countries to suffer. Manufactured goods are the exports most commonly used to achieve export -led growth. This view was agreed and backed by Moschos (1989). Large scale production will be possible and thereby economies of scale will occur. Kwan and Cotsomitis (1991 through a Granger causality test, stated that in China, output was the independent variable and there is a one-way causal relationship between the two. Evidence of an export -led growth was found in Indonesia, Egypt, Costa Rica and Ecuador only. A b Krugman, Paul (1994).

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Examined empirical evidences also reveal that Export - oriented Industrialization was particularly the characteristic of the economic development of the Asian Tigers: Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore in the post World War II period. The ardl approach applied indicates that exports were, indeed beneficial for economic growth in those countries. Morrison: Manufactured Exports and Protection in Developing Countries: A Cross-Country Analysis, in: Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol. In contrast with the above theories and empirical evidence, some studies reject the export expansion hypothesis. Prebisch (1962) was in favour of the import substitution approach as trade protection allowed an economy to become self-sufficient. Keywords, advanced Country Import Substitution Transnational Corporation Flexible Exchange Rate Cheap Labour.

If following an export - oriented path is beneficial for country A, then it should also be so for country B, ceteris paribus. Felipe uncovered that though growth was gradually been driven by domestic demand, an export -expansion hypothesis was not passé. Jun (2007 in a study involving 81 countries with data from 1960 to 2003, established that the bi-directional relationship between exports and export oriented trade strategy growth was positive and even stronger for the causal flow form output to exports. This is because as more innovation, technology, capital, and other requirements for industrializations are met and as industrialization happens in developing countries, it will be easier to diversify their economic structure, as manufactured goods have better terms of trade than primary products. Economic growth affects the supply side,.e., factor endowments, of an economy positively. Ismail and Harjito (2003) studied the asean countries across 19Exports were found to granger cause economic growth in only two instances: Indonesia and Philippines. 2.1 Trade policy: Appropriate trade policy is one of the key tools used for effective of export oriented industrialization and for economic development, in general. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. In the same line, Bahmani-Oskooee and Oyolola (2007 moving from traditional cointegration techniques to analysis, introduced the bounds test to examine the exports-growth nexus in 44 developing countries. The General Agreement.

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As explained in this essay, EOI can be one of the key strategies to register economic growth. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 10 Additionally, some domestic production was explicitly protected from outside competition, for an extensive period of time and until local business entities had become strong enough to compete internationally. 1 Criticism and counter arguments edit Theoretical edit Mainstream economic analysis points out that EOI presupposes that a government contains the relevant market-knowledge enabling it to judge whether or not an industry to be given development subsidies will prove a good investment in the future. This policy requires countries to open up their domestic market to foreign competition in return to getting access to international market. If the terms of trade shift unfavorably, a country must export more and more of the raw materials to import the same amount of commodities, making the trade profits very difficult to come. There are mainly three important extant of literature: researchers have, in the first place, advocated the export expansion hypothesis; other colleagues have questioned its merits while many have emphasised the positive effects given some conditions.